Our Story

Everything began since some of the first years of 20’, Vinh Hoang is the Import and Export company, which mainly focus on agricultural goods. It is founded with the mission of helping to enhance the life quality of Vietnamese farmers, by bringing its products oversea. Over the past 20-years development, the brand name Vinh Hoang always being considered as the top leading company regarding import and export agriculture. To obtaining that succeed, Vinh Hoang always put “trust” at the priority when committing to delivery to the customer at the right place, at the right time with the right quality and quantity.


With over 20-years experience working directly with the farmers, also was born and raised in the original Quang Binh farmer family, the founder, Mr. Thanh truly understands and empathy the hardworking of the people of Quang Binh. He always put himself in the question, How to enhance the quality of Quang Binh people.


Back to the year from 2011 to 2015, the authorities of Quang Binh determine that tourism will be the main focus of its province, which making all efforts to attract investors and capital to invest in this aspect. Quang Binh is a very potential area to develop tourist since it exists all tourist marketing included spiritual tourism, adventure tourism with so many scenic landscapes such as Cave, River, Dune, Mountain, Lake, and some other sources. During these years, there are so many people decided to make Quang Binh as the next destination. However, due to the fact that the need for the rooms is outweighed its supplies. Thus, he decided to implement a new project named Vinh Hoang Hotel, which not only serve tourists as Quang Binh authentic but also helping the local in having the jobs enhancing its life.


Location is one of the main priorities, which asked Thanh paying a lot of attention. Quang Binh Tourism is standing for the diversity cave from Phong Nha Ke Bang national park, the cleanest Nhat Le Beach, Bao Ninh island, Nhat Le historical river, Bau Tro Lake, Quang Phu Dunes, or the landmark Quang Binh Quan gate nearby the city center. The location is supposed to be the most convenient to all of the tourist attractions nearby, it has to be close to the river, beach, it’s necessary to express the cultural and historical of the Quang Binh. At the end of the day, he decided to build the Vinh Hoang hotel at 125 Truong Phap street, Hai Thanh Ward, which turned to be the highest building in the city. From the hotel, guests are able to enjoy all of the breathtaking views of the entire Dong Hoi city, from the beach in front, river, and lake in the sides and city center in the back. What an amazing location!


Starting operating since March 2017 in the hospitality industry, going along with over 20 years working in import and export, Thanh learned the basic of running the business, as well as the importance of serving well-made, high quality, providing excellent customer services, keep operating cost low and finding great locations. Besides, he also pays attention to training professional staffs, making sure that they have a comfortable working experiment. He always believes that Vinh Hoang has responsibility for taking care of the employees because they are those who take care our guests, they are the face of Vinh Hoang, who serve out guests as Quang Binh authentic way. These essential elements continue to serve as the foundation for the operation and development of Vinh Hoang Hotel.