About Vinh Hoang Hotel

Vinh Hoang 4-star hotel has been opened to guests since 2017 and is now one of the highest building in the Dong Hoi City. The hotel is located in Truong Phap street on the side of Nhat Le beach. From Vinh Hoang, guests can take advantage of enjoying the fascinating views of the whole Dong Hoi city center included historical Nhat Le river, Bau Tro Lake, Bao Ninh Island.

With over modern 144 guestrooms with the outstanding views, having the infinity pool with charming bar in the rooftop, authentic Vietnam meals in the signature restaurant and some other services including massage, karaoke, etc, Vinh Hoang 4-star hotel can bring you the most authentic Quang Binh experiences with the moments of joyful, relaxation, and happiness.  From the hotel, guests can enjoy the scenic views with spectacular spacious ocean view in front, the stunning Nhat Le River with its modern bridges, the picturesque view of Dong Hoi city center, the breathtaking image of Bao Ninh Island and the pristine beauty of Bau Tro Lake.

Whatever your interests, Vinh Hoang 4-star hotel is here to ensure your stay is all at once glamorous, yet refined and sophisticated. Vinh Hoang hotel believed that that one of the most transformational experiences of travel is connecting to the locals who give the area personality.
We are here, the locals, bring our authentic whole-life experience to create connections that make you feel like Quang Binh is your hometown.


125 Trương Pháp, Đồng Hới, Quảng Bình


02323 826 568- 0983 295 276



Here is how you can head around the tourist attractions within the Dong Hoi city from Vinh Hoang Hotel

  • To swimmable Nhat Le beach: 0.1 Km
  • To city center and shopping mall nearby: 1 km
  • To Dong Hoi bus station: 3 km
  • To Dong Hoi airport: 5 km
  • To Dong Hoi train station: 5 km
  • To Hoang Phuc Temple: 40 Km
  • To Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park: 45 km
  • To Paradise Cave, Nuoc Mooc Stream, En cave : 50 km
  • To Canh Duong Village: 55 Km
  • To Vung Chua – Yen Island ( General Giap’s tomb) 60 Km.
Time used: ms